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Zimmer NexGen® Knee Replacement Failures

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Zimmer NexGen® Knee Replacement Failures 
The Zimmer NexGen® knee replacement implant has been found to have an unacceptably high rate of failure, loosening, pain and other complications.

A prominent surgeon and consultant to Zimmer Holdings called for a Zimmer NexGen® knee recall to be issued.

The reason this action was taken was as a result of repeated observation of problems, later to be followed by a study confirming the initial findings.

About the NexGen® Complete Knee Solution Cruciate Retaining Knee (CR)

NexGen® Complete Knee Solution Cruciate Retaining Knee (CR) is a knee replacement device created by Zimmer Holdings, based in Warsaw, Indiana.

The model at issue, the NexGen® CR-Flex, is designed to provide a greater range of motion than the standard NexGen.

From the Zimmer Holdings website: “The NexGen® CR, a "cruciate retaining" implant, is intended for patients who, in the physician's judgment, have good bone stock and whose ligaments provide adequate joint stability. The CR is frequently used for patients undergoing a "primary" or first time total knee replacement surgery. The CR is designed to help accommodate people with the ability and desire to perform activities that require at least 0-120 degrees of flexion such as, walking, sitting, and climbing stairs.”

The most commonly used method of implanting an artificial knee is by using an adhesive to bond the thigh bone to the portion of the device that bends, cementing the two together.

Some specialists avoid adhesives because cement can break down, causing failure of the device. Because of this, Zimmer sells an uncemented version of the CR-Flex that relies on the bone naturally growing into the implant. This uncemented version is the source of the problems and complaints.

“…he gave the device, which is supposed to last about 15 years, to about 125 patients in 2005, the first full year he used it. But by early 2006, some X-rays showed lines where the implant met the thigh bone, an indication that the device was loose and had not fused completely. Patients could walk, but they were reporting pain, apparently a result of the loose joint.”  - New York Times article titled “Surgeon vs. Knee Maker:  Who’s Rejecting Whom?” 6/18/10

Several prominent surgeons, one the former consultant for Zimmer mentioned above, first presented their study at a medical meeting in the fall of 2009 and again this year at a national meeting of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons. The uncemented Zimmer knee was found to fail in 9 percent of 100 patients featured in the study. Furthermore, the knee was observed to be loose in approximately 50% of the patients, requiring additional surgeries in some of them.

Side-Effects and Failure
The Zimmer NexGen® CR-Flex Porous Femoral components are replacement knee products that have been associated with a high number of reports of:

•Loosening of Replacement Knees (50% in study mentioned above)
•Knee replacement failure
•Surgery required to correct complications
•Other knee complications and pain

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured after surgical implantation with any of the Zimmer NexGen® CR femoral components, please contact us immediately for a free potential claim consultation.

These problems could include:

•Unexplained pain after knee replacement
•Loosening of replacement knee
•Revision knee surgery to correct problems with a Zimmer knee replacement

If you or a loved one have a knee replacement of any kind and are unsure if it might be a Zimmer NexGen as discussed above, you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact The Fox Law Firm immediately via this website or 1-866-FOX-FIRM (369-3476); Se Habla Espanol.

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