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Wrongful Death

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Wrongful Death is a claim that is governed specifically by common law jurisdictions that permit action to be brought against a person, entity or company that may be held directly liable for a person’s untimely death.

Typically, in the overriding majority of all cases, the claim is brought by close family members of the deceased in question, since under existing common law, and literally too, a dead person cannot file suit.  

The standard of proof that is required is generally a preponderance of the available evidence; rather than what may be termed absolute proof beyond any reasonable doubt. 

There are certain, specific criteria that must be met to allow family members of the deceased to file a Wrongful Death claim.  

First, the defendant must be responsible – either wholly or in part – for the death of the person who is the subject of the claim. That the death of the individual at issue may not have been the specific intention of the defendant does not in any way affect the ability or the right of surviving, family members to file a claim. 

Second, negligence and/or liability on the part of the defendant have to be deemed convincingly demonstrated. 

Third, the deceased individual who is the subject of the claim has to be shown to have surviving, dependent family members who have been adversely affected as a result of the death.

This must include financial suffering, and can include emotional turmoil. In terms of which surviving family members may file a claim, it is generally the immediate family: spouses, children, and/or parents.

If the claim is brought by an individual under the age of 18, he or she may wish to utilize a guardian ad litem to represent them during the course of the claim. 

It is important to note that statute of limitations apply with respect to filing a wrongful death claim. While each and every U.S. state has its own unique regulations pertaining to statute of limitations, the time-limit is typically from 1 to 3 years after the death of the individual in question. 

It should also be taken into consideration that the majority of states employ the use of what are known as life-expectancy tables to allow them to determine (a) for how many more years the victim was likely to have lived, worked, and accrued benefits from pensions by normal retirement age; and (b) what a suitable payment might be based upon the above estimations. 

Financial suffering to surviving members may be substantial, and claims for financial compensation can include (but are not limited to) such issues as:

  • Outgoing costs resulting from medical treatment provided to the victim before their death
  • Funeral costs
  • The complete loss of future-earnings on the part of the deceased; and upon which the surviving family members may have been dependent
  • The loss of the family’s medical insurance/coverage following the death of the individual
  • Loss of inheritance
  • A wrongful death claim may be brought as a result of a variety of circumstances, including:
  • Death in a vehicle or on an airplane
  • Medical malpractice which results in death
  • The victim’s fatal exposure to hazardous materials during the course of their employment
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