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Construction Site Injuries

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The Fox Law Firm is Reviewing Potential CONSTRUCTION SITE Claims

  • Death
  • Serious Injury

Have you suffered from severe injuries as a result of an accident while working on a construction site? Have your loved ones suffered from severe injuries – or even died – as a result of an accident while working on a construction site? 

If so, you should contact us immediately to protect your legal rights.  

If you or your loved ones have experienced any of these side effects you may have a claim for legal compensation.

Contact the lawyers of the Fox Law Firm for superior legal representation.  

To graphically demonstrate the levels of accident, injury and death that occur on a regular basis within the U.S. construction industry, it is worth noting that in 2001 alone, there were 1,225 fatal occupational injuries, which equated to an incidence rate of 13.3 per 100,000 employed workers. 

During that same year, the construction industry suffered from 481,400 non-fatal injuries and illnesses at a rate of 7.9 per 100 full-time workers in the industry.  

Notably, and disturbingly, the construction industry employs approximately 6% of all U.S. workers; however, no less than 20% of all yearly fatalities are within the construction industry – which is acknowledged as being the largest number of fatalities reported for any current industry sector within the United States. 

The biggest challenge of all to the industry is not that the hazards and the risks are unknown factors. Rather, it is that those same hazards and risks are extremely difficult to control, and lessen, in a work environment that is always changeable, and often very unpredictable. 

The industry-acknowledged leading safety hazards in the field of construction are (a) falls; (b) vehicular-related accidents; (c) electrocution; (d) injury and death caused by machinery; and (e) being struck by falling objects, such as heavy tools, concrete, steel, and other items. 

Some of the major health-related hazards that may be found on construction sites include asbestos, solvents, and extreme noise that may severely damage hearing. In addition, many construction sites are unable to fully exclude non-workers from being present and subsequently being injured.

Road construction sites, for example, often have to permit traffic to pass through.

Inevitably, this may pose varying degrees of risks to non-construction workers – such as drivers and passengers of vehicles in the direct vicinities. 

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