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Airplane / Aviation Accidents / Crashes

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The Fox Law Firm is Reviewing AIRPLANE & HELICOPTER Accident, Injury & Death Claims


  • Death
  • Serious Injury

Have you been severely injured as a result of an aviation accident?  

Have your loved ones been severely injured – or even died – in an aviation accident?  

If so, you should contact us immediately to protect your legal rights.  

If you or your loved ones have experienced any of these side effects you may have a claim for legal compensation.

Contact The Fox Law Firm for superior legal representation.  

An aviation accident (whether involving an airplane or a helicopter) is defined within the Convention on International Civil Aviation Annex 13 as “an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight and all such persons have disembarked, in which a person is fatally or seriously injured, the aircraft sustains damage or structural failure and/or the aircraft is missing or is completely inaccessible.” 

Nearly 80 per-cent of all aviation-based accidents occur just before, after, or during take-off or landing. Such events generally fall into several, clearly delineated categories. 

An accident survey of 1,843 airplane-based accidents covering the period from 1950 to 2006 determined the specific causes to be as follows – in terms of overall percentages for the time period in question: 

29%: Pilot-error


16%: Weather-related pilot-error


4%: Mechanical-related pilot-error


22%: Mechanical failure


50% Total Pilot Error


12%: Weather


7%: Other human error (such as air-traffic-controller error, the improper loading of the aircraft, improper maintenance, fuel contamination, and language miscommunication)


9%: Sabotage (bombs, hijackings, shoot-downs)

1%: Other causes  

As far as deaths in airplane-based accidents are concerned, the figures for the last decade are as follows: 

2008: 876

2007: 965

2006: 1,293

2005: 1,454

2004: 766

2003: 1,224

2002: 1,399

2001: 1,535

2000: 1,567

1999: 1,130


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