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Reglan® Lawyers / Attorneys Evaluating Nationwide Reglan Claims

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The Fox Law Firm is Reviewing Potential REGLAN® Claims.

Reglan, a short-term drug prescribed to treat gastroesophegeal reflux, poses potential risk for Tardive Dyskinesia, a devastating and irreversable neurological condition.

In February 2009, the Food and Drug Administration notified healthcare professionals that the manufacturers of metoclopramide drugs, including Reglan®, must add a boxed warning to their drug labels about the risk of its long-term or high-dose use. “Chronic use of metoclopramide has been linked to tardive dyskinesia, which may include involuntary and repetitive movements of the body, even after the drugs are no longer taken. These symptoms are rarely reversible and there is no known treatment.”

Have you experienced severe health issues – such as chronic neurological conditions, kidney damage, and / or coma - following the use of Reglan? Have your loved ones suffered adversely – or even died - after taking the drug?

If so, you should contact us immediately to protect your legal rights. 

About Reglan®

Reglan® (a marketed name of the drug Metoclopramide) is a prescription drug used for the treatment of acid reflux and is intended for short-term use. Reglan® is also sometimes prescribed for patients with diabetic gastroparesis – a disorder where the stomach takes too long to empty its contents, causing intense heartburn, nausea and vomiting.

Reglan® increases the muscle contractions in the patient’s upper digestive tract, which also increases the speed at which the stomach contents empty into the intestines.
Metoclopramide is also marketed under the names Octamide, Maxolon, Degan, Maxeran, Primperan, and Pylomid.

Reglan® Side-Effects

Most side-effects to Reglan are relatively minor (such as nausea, drowsiness, and diarrhea); however, very severe responses to the drug – including death - have been reported.  Tardive dyskinesia, a devastating condition that can cause involuntary movement in the patient’s limbs, as well as uncontrollable facial movements, is also potentially a very serious side effect being investigated at this time.

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, a life-threatening syndrome that can lead to coma, kidney damage, and death has also been reported in people taking Reglan.

Tardive dyskinesia, a neurological condition, has also been reported in patients who have taken Reglan®. Symptoms of this condition can include involuntary grimacing, involuntary, rapid movement in the arms and legs, rapid eye blinking, and tongue protrusion. It is very important to note that the effects of Tardive dyskinesia can persist long after the patient’s course of treatment is finished. 

Even if you have not been officially diagnosed with tardive dyskinesia, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we would like to talk with you.  These symptoms should be discussed with your physicians.  

More about Tardive Dyskinesia

Known as a neurological condition whose chief symptoms are repetitive, involuntary movements, the term tardive dyskinesia has been in use since 1964. The effect of the drugs that cause the condition can be tardive, meaning the dyskinesia (involuntary movement) sometimes appears even after the drugs are discontinued.

Symptoms of Tardive dyskinesia may include:

  • Involuntary, rapid movement in the arms and legs
  • Grimacing without control
  • Rapid eye blinking
  • Tongue protrusion

Convulsive seizures have also been observed.

If you or a loved one have been prescribed Reglan® and have experienced any of these symptoms, please contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Consult with your physician before you stop taking any medications, including Reglan®

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