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Bicycle Accidents

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The Fox Law Firm is Reviewing Potential BICYCLE Claims

  • Death
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Have you been severely injured in an accident involving a bicycle?  

Have your loved ones been severely injured – or even died – in an accident involving a bicycle?  

If so, you should contact us immediately to protect your legal rights.  

You may have a claim for legal compensation.  

Contact The Fox Law Firm for superior legal representation.  

The bicycle – also known as a bike or a cycle - is a pedal-driven, human-powered vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one directly behind the other. 

Bicycles were first introduced during the 19th century, and now number approximately one billion worldwide.


They are the primary means of transport in many regions and countries.

They also provide a popular form of recreation, and have been adapted for such uses as adult fitness, military and police applications, courier-services, and competitive sports. 

Statistics for bicycle-related accidents, injuries and deaths in the United States make for disturbing reading. 

In 2007, 700 people died in bicycle accidents; and in 2006, the figure was 770. More than 90 per cent of all bicycle accidents involve collisions with other motor vehicles.  

Approximately 540,000 bicycle injuries that require emergency-room treatment occur every year, of which 67,000 involve head-injuries.

This equates to a nationwide figure of one emergency-room treatment for a bicycle rider every 3 minutes of each day of the year. 

On average, 1 in every 8 people involved in a bicycle accident suffers from a brain injury, and there is an average of one head injury-related death every 15 hours. 

Bicycle-related deaths rise rapidly at 5 years of age; and are highest among children aged 12.  

Nearly a quarter of all bicyclists killed in traffic crashes in 2002 were between the ages of 5 and 15 years. Seventy-six percent of bicycle deaths in 2002 involved riders aged 16 and older.

This compares with a figure of 32% in 1975. Sixty-eight percent of all fatal accidents involving bicyclists in 2002 occurred in urban areas; as compared to 32% in rural areas. 

Eighty-five percent of bicyclists killed in 2002 were not wearing helmets. 

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